You will find this refinished tub in a hotel in Deadwood, SD.

When you hire Horsley Refinishing, the same person that answers the phone and your questions will be the one who shows up at your door to perform the work. I have refinished hundreds of tubs and am willing to travel in the geographic area for standard mileage rates. Serving South Dakota and parts of Wyoming and Nebraska.

You may be tempted to buy do-it-yourself kits you can buy over the counter. I can factually say that many of my jobs have involved stripping these homeowner applied materials off the fixture just months or even weeks after they were applied because they started peeling off, and then applying professional grade materials. I offer a written five year warranty on my work against peeling or discoloring, and with care the coating will last two to three times that long or more. It can be done or redone in almost any color and will cost hundreds instead of the thousands of dollars likely needed for replacement.

Dan Horsley
Rapid City, SD
(605) 430-7896

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